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Joe Jackson Feels Katherine Jackson Responsible for Michael Jackson’s Death

Posted on June 14, 2010 by

Have you ever heard the expression “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you?” Well Joe Jackson hasn’t, otherwise he would be smart enough to keep is mouth shut.

TMZ reports that Joe Jackson feels Katherine Jackson is responsible for Michael’s death. Joe justifies this view as Katherine refused to keep Michael “cheered up,” which resulted in his death. Katherine argues she didn’t want to invade his privacy.

Katherine’s lawyer, Adam Streisand, tells TMZ, “The world knows that Mrs. Jackson has always been a loving mother and grandmother, and that she and Michael had a very special relationship.”  Streisand then drives it home:  “The world also knows who Joe Jackson is and he seems bent on never letting us forget.”

Here’s where Joe may run into a huge problem. Joe isn’t included in Michael’s will, and the only person that’s been supporting him has been Katherine. Given Joe’s recent public comments, it’s hard to believe she will continue writing cheques.

Joe must be mentally unbalanced because what kind of idiot would blame Michael’s death on his Mother, and cut off his only supply of money?

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