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“Twilight” Movie Getting Split in Half

Posted on June 11, 2010 by

Breaking Dawn, the fourth book of the hit vampire series, Twilight, will be split into two different movies, reports People.com.

Fans can expect to only see half of what is featured in the novel by Stephanie Meyer when the first part of Breaking Dawn is released in late 2011.  The second half to the movie doesn’t have a release date as of yet, but production of both of the films is set to happen at the same time, starting this coming fall.

Oscar award winner Bill Condon is slated to direct both parts of Breaking Dawn and you don’t have to worry, of course Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner will all be returning.

The latest instalment of The Twilight Saga, Eclipse, is set to hit theatres on June 30.

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