Justin Bieber Teams With Jaden Smith on ‘Karate Kid’ Song

Posted on June 1, 2010 by

There’s something crazy about the fact that Justin Bieber has the power to jump-start the career of an up-and-coming musician. But hey, Biebs, if you’re willing to help the little guy, all the power to you.

As shown on PerezHilton, Bieber’s recent single, “Never Say Never,” off of The Karate Kid soundtrack, has him singing his 16-year-old heart out and paving the way for none other than Will Smith’s son Jaden.

Looks like acting is not the only thing that runs in the Smith blood – Jaden takes to the mic and raps about things like being on a “JB” song and coming out on top even though he is smaller than his opponent.

All we can say is that this song is going to have tween girls going bananas. And between the two of them, they might have some of the best hair in Hollywood.

Check out the song’s music video, which features the two boys hanging out in the recording studio eating Twizzlers (it doesn’t get much cooler than that).

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