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No Wedding Gifts For Russell Brand and Katy Perry

Posted on May 31, 2010 by


Russell Brand and soon to be wife, Katy Perry, are always one’s for breaking tradition.  For example, Perry joking about having a clothing-optional wedding.  And now, according to PEOPLE, the couple is breaking tradition once again.

This time, Brand and Perry are not drawing up a wedding registry.

“Given that Katy and I both have good jobs, we don’t want any presents,” Brand said at last week’s premiere for his latest film, Get Him to the Greek.  “It would be a massive indulgence.”

But just because the couple does not want presents, doesn’t mean they couldn’t use them.  And the co-stars of Greek have suggestions for just that.

“I say you got to invest in the good sheets and towels,” Elisabeth Moss said.  “It’s your only chance to get the really good, top-notch sheets and duvet covers.  Those are things you don’t buy for yourself.”

Others suggested kitchen essentials like a waffle maker and an espresso machine.

Kali Hawk, Brand’s co-star, had some other ideas for gifts.

“[I’d say] diamond, platinum, titanium-encrusted flat irons.  And skinny jeans,” she said.  “Someone’s got to flatten and curl their hair and keep the pants nice and skinny.”

But in all seriousness, Moss believes that the only gift the couple needs for their new life together is good communication.

“They seem to have a pretty honest communication.  I don’t doubt it,” Moss said.  “They’re great.”

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