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Disbanding With Disband

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They range in number of Myspace friends and music genres. Some are fans of Disney stars like Demi Lovato. Others are hooked on “The Jersey Shore” and head-banging.

Putting aside these major differences, the six finalists on “Disband” share one goal: to have their careers launched on the show.

If there’s one band who can understand where the contestants are coming from, it’s Stereos. Last season, they walked away from “Disband” with a record deal from Universal and thousands of fans.

“Living in Edmonton, trying to make it as a band and then coming out to Toronto to do the same thing and try and make it was a grind,” said Stereos bassist Dan Johnson at the season two finale. “So I definitely feel where they’re coming from, the nerves and everything backstage.”

Having just wrapped up a national headlining tour, Johnsnon still can’t believe the success Stereos has experienced in such a short amount of time. “I always told the guys that I would make this happen and that you know, we would do it no matter what. But I don’t think any of us knew to the extent of the amount of singles and albums sold,” he shared. “So it definitely surprises us when we see our album going gold,”

Next up for Stereos is another cross-Canada tour — this time with Hedley and Boys Like Girls. Johnson also revealed they’re working on a follow-up to the first album. He also dished on one of his favourite “Disband” groups this season.

“I’m a big fan of Abandon All Ships,” shared Johnson. “I think they’re definitely bringing something original to the table and I think they’re a great band.”

There’s no question Abandon All Ships is bringing something new to the table. After all, the show has never seen a band that describes their sound as Euro-hardcore. The self-proclaimed Guidos know they’re music is heavier than most bands who try their luck at “Disband.” But that didn’t stop them from competing.

“To move forward in life you have to kind of push the door, push the boundaries, push the lines and things can work out good for you,” said Abandon All Ships vocalist Angelo Aita at Toronto’s Tattoo Rock Parlour.

Out of the six finalists, Abandon All Ships is likely the band with the largest following. “We do a lot of shows like this in our own city,” said Aita referring to the finale performance. “It’s just cool to know it’s gonna be on TV, you know what I mean?”

While playing a show in Toronto isn’t as much of a big deal for Abandon All Ships, it’s a whole other story for Vancouver-based These Kids Wear Crowns.

“Without stepping on anyone’s toes or making anyone upset from where we’re from; for our sound anyways, the East is where we should be,” said vocalist Alex Johnson. “That’s not to say there isn’t good music out West.”

They describe themselves as a band who likes to have a good time. “We like to have fun,” said drummer Josh Mitchinson. “I know a lot of bands do that on Myspace. It goes: ‘Sounds like: fun.’ But honestly, it just sounds like a good time, you know? Like rock n’ roll, dance.”

The last band is the more pop-based of the three. “We’re a pop-rock style. A little bit like Paramore, but a little bit more poppy,” said vocalist Marissa Dattoli. “I like to think Paramore meets Avril Lavigne,” continued Jared Franklin, the other half of the duo that makes up Good and Broken.

The two were originally in separate bands. Dattoli’s old group played an opening gig for none other than Jared’s dad at a concert. He later introduced Dattoli to his son. “We ended up booking a show together and we started talking and jamming,” shared Dattoli. “The rest is history!”

Now, their history involves being on “Disband.” “It was a roller coaster of emotions,” said Dattoli about her “Disband” episode. “I think that’s for everyone though, but it was totally amazing and it was really good to meet all the industry people and to just get our name out there.”

Like Stereos, some of these bands will emerge with record deals and a following — in fact, some of them are already working on albums. Catch the finale to see their stories unveil and visit their Myspace pages to check out their music.

Abandon All Ships -www.myspace.com/abandonallships

These Kids Wear Crowns – www.myspace.com/thesekidswearcrowns

Good and Broken – www.myspace.com/goodandbrokenmusic

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