Judge Judy Stomps Oprah in Daytime TV Ratings

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The Big O? More like the Big J. According to ratings, stone-faced Judge Judy draws in the most viewers on weekday afternoons Рleaving Oprah Winfrey high and dry.

According to MSN Online, Judge Judy’s civil court debauchery has drawn in a bigger audience than the Oprah Show for the past 11 of 14 weeks. In the pool of courtroom dramas, Judge Judy has been the most popular for the past 700 consecutive episodes.

That’s a lot of velour track suits.

Judge Judy, known by friends as Judy Scheindlin, is the Oprah antithesis. There’s no free cars, gushy stories, or Gayle King. Instead, Scheindlin takes a no-bullshit approach to cases, often ripping apart guests with her sarcastic quips and sharp tongue.

“At my age, I’ve heard it all,” Judge Judy told MSN Online. “I think that’s the reason the program has legs and longevity. People like the fact that the right thing happens at the end of a case. There may be a small nucleus of people who are very verbal, who will PC you to death, but if I call someone an idiot, they’re an idiot. I don’t care if they’re a boy or a girl or black or white or green or chartreuse.”

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