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Taylor Swift still has Hots for Taylor Lautner

Posted on March 6, 2010 by

Although Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner , who recently turned 18, are no longer together – the young singing sensation still is quite attracted to her Valentine’s Day costar, People.com reported.

Elle magazine’s April issue featured an interview with Swift and when she was asked who she thought was hot, she was timid about her answer. “Um, well … Taylor Lautner,” she said.

The two casually dated last year before ending their relationship in late December. The starlet wasn’t clear on if this was new fuel for future songs or albums, although she did hint that her love life is a heavy influence on her music.

“A letdown is worth a few songs,” said Swift. “A heartbreak is worth a few albums.”

The 20-year-old also expressed some of the difficulty of becoming such a big star.

“I’ve had countless opportunities to do some really bad things,” she said. “And then people start combing through everything I do trying to find the next mistake and misperception, which leads to more scrutiny.”

Originally from Nashville, Swift has found many obstacles that she struggles with when in the limelight.

“Like, if I go to a bar, even if I’m not drinking, who’s to say that a source isn’t going to say that I was doing something I shouldn’t have been doing?” she continued. “So it’s not only about your own moral compass, but the moral compasses of other people that you don’t know.”

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