Paul McCartney’s Ex-Wife Heather Mills Reveals She’s Broke

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CAD $34 million doesn’t go very far these days. Well, at least not in the hands of Heather Mills. The ex-wife of the legendary Beatle Paul McCartney has admitted that she has spent most of her CAD $34 million divorce settlement. It has only been 22 months since Mills received the money.

In an TV interview with psychologist Pamela Connolly, Mills said, “Most of it’s been given to charity, gone into ethical businesses or paid for a couple of properties for my daughter’s future security.”

Mills didn’t leave the interview without taking a few jabs at her ex-husband.

“I could never sit with millions of pounds in the bank that could make matters change,” said Mills. Sir Paul McCartney is estimated to be worth more than CAN $550 million.

On their personal relationship, Mills told Connolly, “It was one of the best 10 years of my life and one of the worst. I didn’t have any control. It took me years to realise that. In the end I had to walk away.”

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8 Responses to “Paul McCartney’s Ex-Wife Heather Mills Reveals She’s Broke”

  1. FLORENCE HUNT says:


  2. […] McCartney's Ex – broke Paul McCartney’s Ex-Wife Heather Mills Reveals She’s Broke | andPOP greedy ho … serves her right […]

  3. Paul H says:

    She is such a LIAR !! Everyone knows she is such a Gold Digger, she used him & is still trying to. There is NO evidence in her tax returns to prove that she has given large amounts to any of the Charities she sprouts on about, & why should she buy properties for Beatrice…… she has 2 multimillion dollar houses given to her from the divorce settlement, so she could always will them to her ( bet she cashs them in long before that happens ). Then again, she could always sell them & give all the proceeds to her favorite charities….bet that never happens either !!
    Paul has enough to look after his daughter, like he has with his & Linda's kids.

  4. hewyxx says:

    She's lying. But it does get attention. Easy when you’re ex- beatle Paul Mc Cartney’s ex. Too easy. I blame the Media

  5. TTTTT says:

    Laws must be changed to stop the many gold digging HO's. These days if you marry without a prenup your crazy. If the woman balks at signing a prenup, she is telling you ahead of the marriage she will CLEAN you out when she divorces you. If you are rich, get a vasectomy. This is the new cleaner way women gold dig and satisfy their need for children. They get pregnant, whoops!! Then ask for 18 years of child support.

  6. Mark says:

    So, the most loathed woman in all of Britain, is broke. 🙂 Well, that’s going to be the least of her gold digging worries. Because my dear people, something was revealed to me several years ago in a dream. Heather Mills hates God. ________ So enjoy your trip, shit on a stick.

  7. Sadie says:

    I guess that Kibbles and Bits cost more than we realize. Bitch.

  8. Raejean says:

    Paul is so much better off now; it was worth every penny to be rid of her, I’m sure.

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