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MTV No Longer “Music Television”

Posted on February 9, 2010 by

Wait, you mean all those ridiculous reality TV shows weren’t always shown on MTV?

Popular American television network MTV has finally admitted what most people have alluded to for quite some time now: that it is no longer “music television,” reports CHARTattack.com.

The network, which launched in 1981 with the specific purpose to air music videos, launched a new logo yesterday (Monday, Feb. 8), which no longer houses the “music television” tagline that has been part of their original logo for nearly 30 years.

Tina Exarhos, vice president of marketing at MTV, admitted to the New York Daily News that the network is no longer just about music and has been turning away from that old format for quite a while now.

“If you watch the channel, you’ve seen that it’s definitely going in a new direction,” Exarhos said.

To sum up: lots more Jersey Shore ginos, lots less Jay-Z videos.

They are keeping the Video Music Awards, but most of their other music programming has been cancelled by now. It is a sad day for the music video who, once in the spotlight, is now struggling for stage time.

MTV2, MTV Hits and MTV Tr3s still play music videos, but their availability has decreased significantly over the last few years. Music videos also still air on AUX TV, a specialty cable channel where you can watch music videos through its website.

Canada’s MuchMusic has, in a sense, been way ahead of MTV in terms of dropping the channel’s “music television” aspect. The network long ago removed the word “music” from their logo, and now simply use “Much” for their graphics, though the channel is still known as MuchMusic.

Music video-related programs have gone down drastically on MuchMusic over the last couple years as well, particularly since CTVglobemedia (which also owns MTV Canada) gained ownership of CHUM back in 2007. MuchMusic still offers specialty music video channels, such as MuchLOUD, MuchVibe and MuchMore, all which play more music videos than the regular MuchMusic does, but they are also only available through specialty cable packages.

Well, for those of us that still like a good old music video now and again, thank goodness for Youtube and AUX TV.

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