Black Eyed Peas Sued for Plagiarism

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Things are starting to look a little shady in terms of the Black Eyed Peas’ reputation.

The hip hop group is being sued by artist Phoenix Phenom for their 2009 smash hit Boom Boom Pow. Phoenix Phenom, formally known as Ebony Latrice Batts, claims that her song Boom Dynamite sounds too similar to BEP’s Boom Boom Pow to be honest coincidence.

It appears that Phoenix Phenom not only feels ripped off by Fergie and co., but by Interscope Records as well. One year ago, Phoenix Phenom pitched her song to the producers, and her track was flat out refused. A little while later, Boom Boom Pow was topping the charts and was nominated for a Grammy for Best Dance Recording.

This isn’t the first time the band has faced allegations of plagiarism. In November 2009, the band was sued by Adam Freeland because his song Mancry sounded suspiciously similar to BEP’s Party All the Time.

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7 Responses to “Black Eyed Peas Sued for Plagiarism”

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  2. chiangel says:

    O think they did…I used to lay Phenom’s song as a promo on my radio show in Chicago. Its a cool really energetic song. When BEP version came out I said Damn…that sounds just like PP Boom Dynamite. yup they took a lot of elements…not cool and for shame.

  3. dave says:

    It is obvious they stole it!

  4. joe says:

    lol, what a load of shit! sounds nothing alike. a horrible “artist” is just trying to get her name out there at the BEP’s expense.
    The song BLOWS! It sucks! And sounds NOTHING like boom boom boom. NOTHING! N O T H I N G!
    Her idiotic song does sound like about 1200 other horrible songs that I’ve heard though. SHE is plagerizing other horrible music!

    And for the moron above, if you played that shit-song on your radio station, you’re an idiot too. I D I O T! lol

    lmao you’re obvious in what you’re trying to do, nobody’s buying your bull shit and your attempts at attention are moronic.

  5. joe's bros says:

    Joe is right, about the song sucking, sounding nothing like anything the BEP’s put out, and about the moron who played that piece of shit song on his station. LOL!!!

  6. HADI says:

    This song was copied

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