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Lady Gaga Takes Part In National Equality March

Posted on October 9, 2009 by

Lady GagaThe National Equality March is scheduled for October 11, and this year, it’s got a big ticket supporter. Lady Gaga is heading to Washington DC to attend and contribute to the march, which advocates gay rights.

Gaga, an avid supporter of gay rights, is calling her fans to take action and lend their support the the Equality March. The march begins at noon and the rally at 2:00 o.p. o the West Lawn of the Capital building. “This march is a call to action for all people from al over the country to gather to march to be visible as one and to speak out and demand full equal rights for all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered citizens in all 50 states,” says Gaga.

The controversial starlet has created a video promoting the march entitled “Call to Action,” which can be viewed on YouTube. To learn more about the National Equality March, visit their official site at  http://equalityacrossamerica.org/blog/?page_id=19 .

The website is brimming with information, except for the one question undoubtably on everyones mind. What bold outfit can we expect Gaga to be in on the 11th?

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