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Entourage Season 6×12 Review: Give A Little Bit

Posted on October 5, 2009 by

17067_logoThis Week On Entourage:

On the day before he leaves to Italy, Vince tries to get the boys to come with him, but only manages to get Drama. Turtle still trying to get over Jamie, and tries to forget about her with the college dorm girl. And Eric says he’s going to try and get Sloan back -but the guys think it’ll be pretty hard.

Meanwhile, Ari and his wife meet with the therapist to discuss why his wife should lend him $12 million to help buy Terrance’s agency. But after Ari admits why he truly wants to buy it and pours his heart out, she agrees to spot him the money.

Despite Lloyd’s suggestion, Drama decides not to read for any acting gigs, saying he’s taking a break from it for a while. While shopping with Vince, the two run into Matt Damon who tries to pressure Vince into donating a cheque for his children’s charity.

Eric drives Sloan to a surprise location, refusing to reveal the day’s events. But after he takes her to a special restaurant that they went to while they were a couple -to tell her that they should get back together- Sloan refuses to listen to him, and tells him to take her home.

Turtle tries to forget about Jamie with the college chick, but realizes he can’t. He decides that he should go New Zealand to get her back.

At the agency merging meeting, Ari finds out that Terrance put a last-minute clause in the buying contract, stating that the agency name must remain in Terrance’s name.

Back at home, Vince and Drama get a call from Matt Damon who continues to pressure Vince into donating money. Turtle comes home and tells them that he’s been lying to himself about getting over Jamie, and that he’s going to see her. After seeing Turtle’s performance, Drama reconsiders his decision about leaving the industry, and realizes that he was born to be an actor.

Terrance drops by Ari’s office, and the two exchange their nagging thoughts that they’ve been carrying all these years. After Terrance apologizes, Ari finally accepts peace, and assures him that he’ll keep Terrance’s name in the merger.

Drama gets another shot at the Melrose audition, and nails it. Meanwhile, driving back home, Eric pulls over and confesses his love to Sloan, swearing that he’ll be committed and proposes to her.

Ari strolls through Terrance’s agency on a celebratory rant with a paintball gun, pegging everyone who he had grudges with- including Adam Davies. Though, he gives Lloyd a 24-hr window to come back to the Miller-Gold agency.

While about to takeoff on his flight, Turtle calls Jamie, but she tells him not to come to New Zealand, and that the long distance aspect will never work out. But the plane takes off, so he decides he’ll meet up with Vince in Italy.

And about to leave to Italy with Vince, Drama gets a call from the Melrose producer who admits that he and the network both loved his performance, but that he’s too old for the part. As a result, they want to give Drama a holding-deal to create his own show.

Lloyd comes back to the Miller-Gold agency in agent-fashion, giving Ari a ballsy rant. But when Ari apologizes and shows him his new agent office, Lloyd happily accepts.

About to take-off, Vince and Drama are ambushed by Matt Damon who brings along LeBron James to persuade Vince to donate $150,000 for Matt’s charity.

Eric and Sloan meet them at the airport to break them the big news that they’re engaged- Sloan showing them the diamond ring. As Vince and Drama leave on the private jet, Eric carries Sloan to the car in bliss.

Watching the new couple leave, Vince and Drama wonder which one of them will be next to get hitched.



Celeb Cameos:

Matt Damon, LeBron James, Bono, Jamie-Lynn Sigler


Let me put it out there. Despite the opinions about the unorthodox story-line this season, if there’s one thing this show knows how to do, it’s to close the deal. Entourage knows how to close perfectly.

Not only that, but this one episode presented two of the top greatest moments in the show’s history.

A) Seeing Ari Gold go Terminator a la paintball gun through an agency.


B) Through an unpredicted turn of events, seeing Eric get hitched with Sloan- a feat that makes any guy, no matter how much of a man-whore he is, wish to god he found the “Sloan.”

And the celeb cameos were overflowing like a fresh bottle of Dom PĂ©rignon. Matt Damon, a webcam Bono, LeBron James. I mean this episode was awesome, upon awesome.

Not to mention that Matt Damon gave one of the funniest celeb cameos this show has ever seen. I mean pressuring a celebrity Jason-Bourne style to donate to the charity. Hilarious.

So let’s recap.

—> Ari Gold: He buys Terrance’s agency, makes peace with his foe, and becomes the King Kong of Hollywood. And did a celebration fit for a king- paintball storming through the agency, pegging off any people he had grudges with. And putting the hardships aside with Lloyd, and surprising him with his induction as a real agent back at Miller-Gold was the icing on the cake. Who were we kidding, Ari needs Lloyd just as much as Lloyd needs Ari.

—> Vince: Funny seeing him be pressured by Matt Damon. But he’s off to FINALLY begin filming his next project, which means…the real Vinnie Chase in Season 7.

—> Eric: Oh boy, what can we say about our lovable Irish buddy. Well for starters, Mazel Tov. That spontaneous proposal couldn’t have made any dude more happier. The Sloan n’ E Saga continues.

—> Turtle: Bruuuutal. Dude, always stay with the smoking college chick. But he had to find out the hard way that long distance relationships rarely work out. We left off with him making his way to Rome. We’ll see what happens.

—> Drama: The guy finally put his antics aside and realized his passion for acting. And what did it do? It made the network want him more than ever. Way to go buddy.

ED note: It’s been a pleasure doing this blog for you guys, and I will see you come season seven.


5/5 (Yes. That’s right, I went there)

Best Line(s):

1) Drama to Vince, after Matt Damon pressures Drama to get Vince on the phone to donate money to his children’s charity-

“Sorry, he Jason-Bourned me.”

2) Ari’s epic rant in the therapist’s office to his wife as to why he truly wants to buy the new company-

“Ok yes. If I could gauge out Terrance McQuewick’s eyeballs for what he did to me, I would. And I would sell that Benedict Arnold Adam Davies in a white slavery if we lived in a place that had a market for it. And Lloyd, that little queen, who I welcomed into my home, play with my children and care for my dog, I would tie him up and allow for the entire Screen Actors Guild to anally rape him if not for the fact that I think he would enjoy it. I hate’em all. And yes I would like to see them destroyed. But THAT is not the reason why I want this company. I want, no I need this company because it’s good business, good god damn business. And if I don’t buy it someone else will, and that’ll be VERY, very bad for my business. And my wife of all people should know that when it comes to business my judgment is never clouded. So please, please support me like you always have, and I will deliver for us, like I always have.”

3) Ari storming through the new company, paint balling everyone who he had grudges with-

“I’m back…and you’re fired.”

Best Moment(s):

1) Ari going “Terminator a la paintball gun” through the new agency.

2) Ari’s beautifully acted rant at the therapist’s office.

3) E proposing to Sloan.

4) Matt Damon pressuring Vince into donating money.

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3 Responses to “Entourage Season 6×12 Review: Give A Little Bit”

  1. Pooper says:

    The paintball scene was pretty funny. The season didnt really show as much of the movie business as the other seasons. But I guess as was mentioned in the article it looks like we will see more of the real Vinnie Chase next season. Should be good:)

  2. derrick says:

    i’ll be honest i hated this season. Thought it was weak and not very daring. Missed the stuff i like, the LA, the Hollywood, the movie biz. And i thought they had a chance to end the show daringly last season with Eric quitting but they wussed out and got them back together. They wussed out this time at the end when they could have had lloyd as a great foil to Ari. Adam Davis was a good foil he did nothing this season. And what i like about this is Vince and the guys getting into adventures. i mean this season was basically about drama and turtle and Vince was secondary. And they are the two least interesting characters. Drama’s funny but like Kramer in Seinfeld he’s a sidekick not a main focus of the story. I like the Ari and Lloyd stuff and honestly i’d rather see a show about the MIller Gold Agency right now because they’ve missed most of what i like which is vince and the movie Biz, the LA lifestyle, and Vince screwing girls and living the life with his boys. I mean they went a whole season and i have no clue what project vince is doing right now. That’s how distant it is from the movie biz. There are other shows that are more innovative and these days that i look forward to more. Glad Californication is back and can wait for True Blood and a few others. But Entourage, though not on my bad side, in the last two seasons has bored me to death and i think it’s close to it’s end.

  3. Johnny Boy says:

    Did anybody see the Matt Damon scene after the credits are finished?
    The outtakes are hysterical. You have to watch this scene if you haven’t seen it yet.

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