BooksForSchool.ca Launches New Design to Help Canadian University Students Save Money

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BooksForSchool LogoCanada’s best online textbook exchange service just got a lot easier to use. BooksForSchool.ca, a free online textbook exchange service for post-secondary students, has just relaunched it’s web site with a brand new design and easier to use features.

Benefits include:

– 100% FREE service for students across Canada
– Connecting buyers and sellers who want to exchange or sell used textbooks
– Streamlined interface

Concerned over the high cost of education, rising tuitions, living expenses and onerous textbook fees, student developers were motivated to find creative ways to manage the accumulating student debt load. As a result of much research and hard work by student developers, students across the nation now have an efficient system to save money and time through use of the free online textbook exchange service.


It is a web site that facilitates the direct exchange of post-secondary textbooks between students. Members may buy, sell or exchange their new and used textbooks without surcharges. There are NO membership fees for students wishing to access the “booksforschool.ca” web site and NO commission fees to buy or sell books.

“Textbook fees continue to rise and schools continue to devalue buyback offers on used textbooks.” said Daniel Levine, creator of BooksForSchool.ca. “We let the market – the students – determine the price of textbooks through supply and demand.”

With BooksForSchool.ca, students do not have to conduct extensive searches to try and find others selling their old books, or rummage through the long lines of their school’s used book store, only to come away empty handed. Instead, students simply enter the ISBN # of a textbook and our service will quickly show them what’s available on our site.

At the end of each semester, students can post their books on the BooksForSchool.ca web site and retain much of their original investment than they would receive from their school’s bookstore.

“Since BooksForSchool.ca is a country wide initiative, outdated books in one province, retain almost full value in another province,” boasts Paul Levine. “We are very excited to offer this improved service to Canadian students.”

BooksForSchool.ca is a free service that is open to all residents of Canada who are looking to achieve maximum savings on new textbooks and earn a substantial return on their used textbook investments.

Founded in 2003, BooksForSchool.ca pioneered the nation-wide online textbook exchange service in Canada. In 2005, BooksForSchool.ca combined textbook swapping with social networking, enabling students to minimize expenses and make it easier to buy and sell new and used textbooks.

BooksForSchool.ca is a completely free service for university and college students. The BooksForSchool.ca web site can be accessed by visiting: http://www.booksforschool.ca.

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