Band’s Sticker Causes Airport Shut-Down

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Folk-punk band “This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb” released their first single 12 years ago, and have developed a dedicated group of fans since. One fan in particular tagged his bike with a sticker, and learned his lesson the hard way.

According to chartattack.com, the bicycle was discovered bearing a sticker with the band’s name near the passenger ramps at a terminal in Memphis International Airport on Monday. An airport police officer mistook the sticker for an actual threat. The ticketing and baggage claim desks at the terminal were closed down and people were evacuated while a canine unit sniffed around, to no avail.

Other measures were took to ensure the safety of the airport. Traffic was briefly shut down at a portion of the airport, and the owner of the bike was detained an searched by authorities before being released.

This isn’t the first bike mistook for a pipe bomb because of the band’s stickers. There have been similar incidents in Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania in the past and have resulted in building closures, arrests and destruction of the bikes.

Chartattack.com also posted the band’s reactions to these incidents:

“I was at work and just kind of freaked out,” lead singer/guitarist Ryan Modee told the Pensacola News Journal on Thursday of his reaction to hearing about the incident. “I was like, ‘Oh God, not again. How could this be happening?”

Along with Modee, TBIAPB contains bassist/vocalist Terry Johnson and drummer Teddy Helmick. Their latest album was released last year, entitled ‘Convertible’.

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