Fall Out Boy Cover ‘Simpsons’ Theme

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Fall Out Boy have re-recorded the theme song for “The Simpsons.”

Fans can hear the band’s version during the end credits of the show’s mid-season premiere tomorrow (Sunday).

As usual, the original theme by Danny Elfman will play during the opening credits.

The band, which takes its name from Radioactive Man’s sidekick on the show, spoke about their reasons for tackling Elfman’s song in an interview on the Fox website.

“The theme obviously mattered, and it didn’t just matter because it was the theme song to a good show, but it also was something that was very groundbreaking and very cool,” said singer/guitarist Patrick Stump, calling Elfman’s tune “timeless.”

“I know for me, my sense of humour and the way I perceive humour and the way I perceive a lot of things is based around growing up watching ‘The Simpsons,’ added guitarist Joe Trohman. “So being a part of this, for me, is legendary.”

Click here to watch the full interview.

And don’t forget to catch the band’s cover (as well as a voice guest appearance by Emily Blunt) in tomorrow’s episode, beginning 8/7c on Global and Fox.

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