Own ‘Twilight’ At Midnight

Posted on January 22, 2009 by

Summit Entertainment has announced their vampire-hit “Twilight” will be available for fans on March 21, featuring a two-disc DVD set. Although this may sound like just another movie on DVD, the makers of “Twilight” have decided to change things up.

The vampire-romance will be ready to be picked off the shelves by midnight, and on a Saturday, as opposed to the usual Tuesday release for DVDs.

The DVD version will come with many bonus features, including audio commentary by Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart as well as Catherine Hardwicke who directed the flick, a documentary of the making-of process, music videos from Linkin Park, Muse and Paramore and of course, deleted scenes.

A few months ago in November, the highly anticipated vampire-flick made its debut with a $35 million opening day, followed by a $70.6 million opening weekend. There’s no doubt these vampires will have fans running.

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