Xtreme Technology Releases XLink

Posted on November 14, 2008 by

Last week, Xtreme Technology Corporation announced the release of it’s XLink device. The XLink allows people to make and receive cell phone calls through their landline phones.

To use the XLink, plug the device into he wall and the cell phone’s Bluetooth technology will connect wirelessly to the XLink. Each cell phone line will make the landline phone ring is a distinct way, so users will know whose cell phone is rining. When a user is calling out, they can choose which celluar number, or land line number, they would like to make the call from. This means that the cellphone can remain in a charger to be used when a user leaves their home.

The XLink device comes in two models, the BT & BTTN. The models will sell for approximately $70 and $100 U.S., respectively.

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