Flirting Their Way to a Music Career: an Interview with Bad Flirt Singer Jasamine White-Gluz

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Jasamine White-Gluz, lead vocalist and guitarist for Montreal indie band Bad Flirt, explains that the title of their new CD, “Virgin Talk,” is not meant to be creepy or perverted as some people may interpret.

It is about, “adolescence and looking back on your childhood… [it is about] the time when you don’t care about all that adult stuff.”

The album cover has a picture of two young kids telling a secret with sunlight reflecting off of their hair, representative of that sunny afternoon when you were a kid, she explains. The kids on the album cover can also be seen in their first video, “Hiroshima Mon Frere.”

The five band members (White-Gluz, keyboardist/vocalist Evan Dubinsky, guitarist Laura Lloyd, guitarist/bassist Nick Knowles and drummer Raf De La Durantaye) have been playing together for two and a half years. It took that long to get the album together because they would write a couple of songs and then take them on tour to see how the crowds responded. Then they would take them back to the studio and rework them and repeat the process until the songs were perfect.

Before the band got together, White-Gluz performed by herself.

“I hated playing solo,” she says. “I always wanted a band.” White-Gluz felt as though she was beginning to have a folk and acoustic vibe to her music which is not what she wanted, plus it’s not fun to play alone on stage.

Last month, Bad Flirt Performed at Virgin-Fest along with the Foo-Fighters, but they prefer playing smaller venues like their recent show at Toronto’s Tiger Club.

“The smaller shows are a little more rockish and people are a little more crazy at those ones.” The sound systems may be a bit better at larger venues, but the band doesn’t like barricades. They like to get up-close and personal with the crowds.

“Obviously we’re not in it for the fame and fortune. We just want to be able to tour as much as possible. If we could play 300 shows a year, that would make me happy. That would settle my goal,” says White-Gluz. “It’s great to get a positive response from the crowd but it’s also great to perform for people who have never seen you before.”

The band members agree that some of their main musical influences are Neurosis, The Breeders, and Fugazi – “bands that sound nothing like the way we sound,” she says.

White-Gluz describes Bad Flirt’s style as “kind of satanic.” They have inverted crosses on their clothing, equipment and merchandise, but she admits that they still sound poppy.

“We can’t get way from pop. There are a lot of guitar hooks and a lot of vocal hooks.”

So… who is the last guy White-Gluz flirted with? “There was this guy Marcelo in Mississauga. He had crazy eyes and curly hair, and he accidentally touched my butt.”

“Virgin Talk” is available now. To find out more about Bad Flirt, visit them online at, www.badflirt.com.

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