Lighthouse Interactive Releases Sword of the Stars Expansion Pack

Posted on October 5, 2008 by

On Friday, Lighthouse Interactive and developer Kerberos Productions announced the release of “A Murder of Crows”, the latest expansion pack to their space strategy game Sword of the Stars, according to a press release from Lighthouse Interactive.

Murder of Crows follows the battle that four civilized races battle against the evil Zuul and attempt to gain advantage over each other. During the battle, a past civilization remerges in the galaxy in the form of manipulated Morrigi. The Morrigi are a dangerous race in the game, known for their dark crow-shaped attack drones and deadly traps. The Morrigi use new weapons, ships and tactics, and players must learn how to balance this new presence in the Sword of Stars universe with the five other races who live there.

The game is available exclusively at www.GamersGate.com for approximately $30.

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