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Britney Spears About New Album: ‘My Best Work Ever’

Posted on August 14, 2008 by

In a revealing interview with OK! magazine, Britney Spears talks about her new album, her sister’s shocking pregnancy and her children.

Spears told OK! magazine that her new album will come out in the next six to nine months and will include songs produced by the Underdogs, who have worked with Chris Brown and former beau, Justin Timberlake, in the past. “I think it is more urban. I’m working with producers who are just amazing,” Spears told OK!

Spears wrote more for this album than any other and says she spend time at the piano every day working on new songs. “This is my best work ever,” she said.

Spears has had a rough year, being hospitalized twice, having a custody disupte with ex-husband Kevin Federline and being the main fodder for the paparazzi’s flashing lights.

Her sister, Jamie-Lynn, also shocked everyone, including Britney, by becoming pregnant. “It was mind-boggling. I was shocked a little bit. But it was really cool, and she was happy,” said Spears.

OK! also talks with Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, who provides more understanding of why full custody of Britney’s two sons was given to Federline, stating that they wanted to avoid a full trial.

Most recently, Britney Spears appears in the promotional video for the MTV Video Music Awards, alongside host Russell Brand.

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