Review: Otterbox Defender Curve Case

Posted on July 27, 2008 by

When I ditched my Blackberry 8700 for a Curve, I was disappointed that I had to give up the holster. I really loved it. I couldn’t understand why RIM did not make a similar holster for the Curve. Maybe no one else liked it like I did.

Anyway, I finally found a case for my curve that replicated the 8700 holster. It’s called the Otterbox Defender Series for the Blackberry Curve and completely replicates the 8700 holster and then some. It includes 3 layers of protection:

– A protective sleeve that covers the back and front screen/keyboard

– A plastic case that surrounds the Curve

- A rubber covering that surrounds the plastic case

While you can’t really go wrong with all this extra protection, it does add some unnecessary bulk to the phone, making it even thicker than the old 8700. After several days of having this case on my belt, the size of it really got to me and I had to go back to my old case.

Nevertheless, the protection provided by the case is top notch and for people that are in positions other than the general office position, this case would serve them very well.

– Great protection on every level
– 8700 style holster

– Too bulky
– Condensation builds under the plastic cover (not needed though to use the case)

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