Virus Protection for your iPhone and iPod Touch

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Intego, a company that specializes in developing Internet security and privacy software for Macs, just announced the release of its new malware protection program for the iPhone and the iPod touch. VirusBarrier X5 10.5.3. is an update to the anti virus software that the Macworld calls ‘the gold standard’, according to a press release from the company.

Users of the iPhone and the iPod touch can download and install applications onto their devices, increasing the risk of malware infection. The VirusBarrier X5 an scan the iPhone or the iPod Touch for malware , and is the only anti virus software that can eradicate viruses from these devices. To scan the iPod Touch or the iPhone, users much connect the device to their Mac and then scan it with the antivirus program.

The risk of malware infections increases with the number of applications a user downloads. Users that ‘jailbreak’, or unlock, their phones can download even more applications and be at greater risk. When a user jailbreaks their phone, they are able to download applications other than the ones available on Apple App store. The iPhone 2.0 has already been jailbroken, but there is no official word on a code that will jailbreak the iPhone 3G. There are, however, videos available online of a iPhone 3G jailbroken by a group called the Apple Dev Team.

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