Technology’s Answer to Birth Control: The Sperm Remote

Posted on May 30, 2008 by

There are many ways to prevent pregnancy: birth control pills, condoms and so on….but did you ever think sperm could be ‘paused’ by a remote control?

Ecogeek.org reports a group of Australian scientists have developed a remote-control, implanted device that will allow users to ‘press pause’ on their sperm. This invention is being hailed as an extremely convenient form of birth control for men, and could offer one solution to the expanding problem of population growth and environmental sustainability.

The implementation of this form of birth control does require minor surgery. A surgeon inserts a silicon chip into the vas deferens (the muscle-walled duct that moves sperm out of the penis). The remote control sends out RF waves, like the kind of waves that are used to start your car, according to the article. The silicon ship changes the RF waves into acoustic waves, which then cause movement in the material of the chip. This movement can expand the chip and allow it to seal the vas deferens. Sending out a second signal from the remote control contracts the material in the chip, allowing the sperm to pass.

The Austrialian scientists have also thought of how to protect users of this new form of birth control from potential ‘accidents’, according to ecogeek.com. In order to avoid ‘cross-talk’ with cordless phones, WiFi or Bluetooth devices, ultra-high frequencies and sophisticated coding are used for the birth-control device to ensure that no mistakes can occur.

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