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Pamela Anderson’ Film Sent Straight to DVD

Posted on January 8, 2008 by

Access Hollywood reports that Pamela Anderson’s film “Blonde and Blonder” has officially been given the kiss of death: it’s going straight to DVD.

The flick, co-starring Denise Richards, finds the ladies as insipid women who are mistaken for hit men after witnessing a murder.

Even during filming in British Columbia in 2006, all was not well for the film. Richards famously tossed two laptops belonging to paparazzi off a balcony, injuring two elderly women. Commenting on her actions, Richards told Access Hollywood at the time that “It was wrong. I saw one of the photographers, went up to him and offered to give him a few nice shots and asked him to please leave so we can focus on our scene. He wouldn’t and he got really belligerent and he was saying vulgar, nasty things to me and made a derogatory remark about my family. I just did what I did and I feel terrible.”

Sure to be a high quality piece of art, “Blonde and Blonder” will be released February 5. Pre-order your copy today!

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