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‘Instant Star’ Wrapping Up At End Of Season

Posted on December 18, 2007 by

“Instant Star” will take its final curtain call at the end of Season 4.

Stephen Stohn, one of the show’s executive producers, made the announcement on the CTV.ca message boards, saying that it was the best move for the show. “In the case of Instant Star, the resolution of the plot lines at the end of the final episode of Season 4 is such that it is completely possible to end the series gracefully at that point, and leave on a high note with everyone wanting more but feeling very satisfied with the series as a whole. There will be no Season 5. We have let the cast and crew know this. We have let them know how enormously proud we are of them for having been part of the creation of one of the most innovative and original TV series in television history. And they have responded with thanks and congratulations-not many series get even four seasons, and Instant Star has been an enormous success in over 120 countries around the world for exactly that!”

Stohn also mentioned that it is “almost certain” that “Degrassi” will go on for an eighth season.

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12 Responses to “‘Instant Star’ Wrapping Up At End Of Season”

  1. Raquel says:

    this is horrible, i want season 5!!!

  2. Angel says:

    what are you serious i've been waiting for season 5 just to find out now that there isn't going to be another season… how could you guys stop it 🙁

  3. Miquette_2tiger says:

    i love instant star it should'nt be canceled. alot of fans which i'm sure their is alot not just me want season 5 of instant star pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee make season 5

  4. sara says:

    i neeeeeeeeeeeeeed to see another season so ''do it''

  5. Laura VT says:

    “Everyone feeling satisfied”? Yeah, right!
    I don’t care if there’s no money or not evough ratings to make a 5th season, but just a movie or even 1 episode would be enough to clear things out! they can even air that one episode online if they want, just give us something!
    The Jude and Tommy ending was so ridiculous that it’s obvious that a 5th season was planned at first.

  6. Fanzinetje says:

    I want a season 5 too… 🙁
    It’s true that the end of season 4 was so ridiculous.
    I just need a season 5 to see a good end… and I’m not the only one

  7. Volleyballrox says:

    in the series they talked about how their fans are so impartant to them… so why should it be different now just think of how you let down every single one of your fans! its horrible you could of had 1 more season or even one more show to end this series you may think that its no big deal but it is to all of the fans who whatched this show! how could you do this

  8. Mercedesa1222 says:

    I just finished rewatching all the seasons again and that ending did nit leave me satisfied, more like depressesd. I need to know what comes next for Tommy and Jude but now I’ll never know.

  9. Hey, I can’t believe that you critics closed the show of Instant Star, my reason for saying this is because I think you made a mistake, In 2004 I was 17 years old watching that show, all the way until the show closed in 2006 which was my graduation year, Now I’m 24 years old and I have a 5 month old son, your probably thinking where is she going with this so I’ll get on with  it…. Do you remember on Season 1 Episode 11: All Apologies- to where Tommy( Tim Rozon)  reunites with Chaz from Boys Attack and the Jude (Alexz Johnson) had to face the boyfriend steal-er Eden(what kind of name is that) then everything goes crazy and Tommy bails and then he talks to Miss Saddie Jude’s hot Jealous sister, as she points out DID YOU EVER STAND OUT IN THE RAIN 4 TICKETS ETC HE SAID YES SHE SAID THAT WHEN WASN’T IT ABOUT THE FANS ANYMORE and she knocked some sense into his Sexy Head, and he said to Chaz one last song and then he wasn’t going to be in the spot light so they bring out Jude and song my favorite Picked Up the Pieces My favorite I liked the Mix, anyways I didn’t get to really watch Season 3 and Season 4 so now I’m online looking for the episodes so I think that they should replay every show because I think that they should keep going with the shows, I think more people would watch now then back then give it a second chance, I miss my shows because I will take Instant Star over any of today’s shows any day. My reason for loving this so much is because you see Family being there for each- other rather how much the hurt, Jude in Saddie are like best friends like real Sister should be, and you have Jamie and Kat that are her best friends no matter who broke who’s heart, and you see Tommy and Jude the love for eachother and there music, Her music is so inspiring ( thanks to Tommy,Shay,Jamie, Spederman)  well folks add me to Facebook if you like too, I like to hear your opinion about Instant Star!!!

  10. Candice says:

    I would have to agree with everyone. The end of season 3 left me unsatisfied, depressed, and just plain angry. If we can’t have a season 5 can we at least have a movie to wrap up the loose ends?!

  11. Szmg101baby says:

    Tommy Q and Jude H should have gotten married instead of leting it go no where he fans want to see love even though she went inependantly to london Im really dissapointed

  12. Eden says:

    At list do a movie that complete the whole series 🙁
    we want more!!

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