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‘Instant Star’ Wrapping Up At End Of Season

Posted on December 18, 2007 by

“Instant Star” will take its final curtain call at the end of Season 4.

Stephen Stohn, one of the show’s executive producers, made the announcement on the CTV.ca message boards, saying that it was the best move for the show. “In the case of Instant Star, the resolution of the plot lines at the end of the final episode of Season 4 is such that it is completely possible to end the series gracefully at that point, and leave on a high note with everyone wanting more but feeling very satisfied with the series as a whole. There will be no Season 5. We have let the cast and crew know this. We have let them know how enormously proud we are of them for having been part of the creation of one of the most innovative and original TV series in television history. And they have responded with thanks and congratulations-not many series get even four seasons, and Instant Star has been an enormous success in over 120 countries around the world for exactly that!”

Stohn also mentioned that it is “almost certain” that “Degrassi” will go on for an eighth season.


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