Talks Break Down In Writers Strike.. Again

Posted on December 9, 2007 by

Couch potatoes will either have to settle for Grey’s Anatomy episodes back when Isaiah Washington still had a job or tune into the many new game shows coming their way.

Fans were hoping the talks between reps from the striking Writers Guild and movie and television producers would result in some kind of deal and bring peace back to Hollywood. The Writers didn’t take the deal, Howie.

This pretty much puts an end to any possibility that the disagreement could be resolved before the New Year, E! News reports.

Most shows have already gone into reruns while others are holding on to new episodes for dear life since the ongoing squabble over online and DVD residuals materialized.

The choices for small screen entertainment are dwindling.

Producers blame the writer’s union’s “pursuit of radical demands” for the deadlock while the writers say that they have yet to be offered the “fair deal”, they initially asked for, according to E! News.

No matter who’s fault it is, prepare yourselves for an onslaught of reality TV and game shows. American Idol will return in January to save television. Here’s hoping Simon Cowell sports a cape.

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