The Game Attacks Yayo In Song

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Rapper THE GAME has blasted his former G-UNIT bandmate TONY YAYO for his alleged attack on a teenage boy.

Tony Yayo – real name MARVIN BERNARD – was arrested on March 24 for reportedly attacking 14-year-old JAMES ROSEMOND, son of Czar Entertainment head JIMMY ‘HENCHMAN’ ROSEMOND, on a New York City street on March 20.

The Game, who quit G-Unit in late 2004, is managed by Rosemond’s Czar Entertainment.

In a new ‘diss’ track, The Game berates Tony Yayo for the alleged attack, and also criticizes his former mentor 50 CENT, who Rosemond claims encouraged the assault.

The Game raps, “What kind of bitch n**ger put his hands on kids (Homo!)/ Pull up that black van on his (No!)/ We don’t do the kid slappin’; we do the kid snatchin’/ Eyewitness news, it’s been a kidnappin’. Nah, we don’t get down like that/ But 50’s mama we’ll put you in the ground like that (Curtis!).”

Directing some verses toward 50 Cent, The Game raps, “It’s on now, better call Dr. Ben and Russell/ Set up a peace treaty, or go get some muscle/ Call them Lighty brothers, call all your little flunkies/ Call the snitch hotline and get the G-Unit monkeys/ Call the cops, I’m still a hundred miles and runnin’/ Then call God, and tell him that yo’ ass is comin.”

Tony Yayo has been released on $5,000 bail and returns to court on April 25.

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