Yayo Arrested For Attacking Teen

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G-UNIT rapper TONY YAYO has been arrested for allegedly attacking a teenage boy, after objecting to a t-shirt the youngster was wearing.

The hip-hop star, 29, was walking in Manhattan, New York City with some of his G-Unit bandmates on Tuesday, when they spotted 14-year-old JAMES ROSEMOND, wearing a Czar Entertainment t-shirt – a rival music management company.

James is the son of Czar Entertainment head JIMMY ‘HENCHMAN’ ROSEMOND’, whose firm represents former G-Unit member THE GAME, who quit the rap group in late 2004.

James claims Yayo, real name MARVIN BERNARD, shoved him up against the wall, insulted the t-shirt and Czar Entertainment, before slapping him.

His mother CYNTHIA REED says, “It’s a shame that 50 CENT and Tony Yayo could feel comfortable slapping and physically attacking an innocent 14-year-old minor that they market and promote their records to.

“This is a cowardly act on my son who has done nothing to warrant the verbal and physical abuse he received. This should be looked as a step away from child molestation.”

Despite the Rosemonds’ claims that 50 Cent took part in the verbal assault on their son, the hip-hop star insists he wasn’t present at the alleged altercation.

His attorney BENJAMIN BRAFMAN says, “One thing I can say with absolute certainty, however, is that at the time of the alleged incident, 50 Cent was not in New York State.”

Yayo turned himself into police on Saturday and was arraigned Sunday on charges of misdemeanour assault and endangering the welfare of a minor.

Yayo’s lawyer SCOTT E. LEEMON told AllHipHop.com yesterday, “We adamantly deny the allegations as put forth by the District Attorney’s office today.”

The rapper has been released on $5,000 bail and returns to court on April 25.

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