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Andy Dick Forcibly Removed From US Talk Show

Posted on February 5, 2007 by

Comedian ANDY DICK was forcibly removed by security during an appearance on US talk show JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE Friday night, after repeatedly touching guest IVANKA TRUMP without her permission.

Trump, the daughter of real estate mogul DONALD TRUMP, was attempting to promote her reality show THE APPRENTICE, when Dick kept interrupting her with rude comments.

The troubled comedian repeatedly rubbed Trump’s legs and touched her hair, while Kimmel begged him to behave himself.

When Dick asked Trump to “give him a big, fat, sloppy wet kiss right on the lips” and grabbed her arm, Kimmel called in two security guards.

The talk show host carried Dick’s feet and helped the guards drag him out of the studio.

Trump was a good sport after the incident telling Kimmel, “That was brilliant. See, that was a much more entertaining segment.

“I could sit here and talk to you about the buildings I’m building in Chicago and Las Vegas, but I’m sure you’d much prefer to see Andy Dick actually forcefully removed from a stage.”

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