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Kiefer Sutherland Is A Rodeo Champion

Posted on December 22, 2006 by

Kiefer Sutherland may steal the title of “Sexiest Older Actor” from George Clooney yet. Sutherland, who stars as government agent Jack Bauer on the Emmy award-nominated series “24” not only saves the world one season at a time – he’s a rodeo champion in real life.

In an interview that appears in the January/February issue of Men’s Vogue magazine, Sutherland reveals that he has a way with horses. “What I lacked as a roper and a cowboy I could make up for in horses,” he is quoted as saying. “Roping is one of those sports like polo where you get infinitely better the better your horses are. I had some great horses.”

Sutherland, 40, first picked up horseback riding while filming the 1994 feature film “The Cowboy Way.” He went on to become a repeat winner of the national team roping competition when he found some off time away from movies in 1998.

“Those two years on the ranch were my college years. Three or four guys riding around in a truck from rodeo to rodeo. It was fantastic,” Sutherland said in the new issue of the magazine, which appears on newsstands on Tuesday.

Sutherland also talked about relationships – like Clooney, he was previously married but is now a bachelor. He told Vogue it was difficult to see someone given his busy schedule on the set of “24.”

“When you have five 16-hour days back to back, though, it is tough to tell someone, `The only way you can spend time with me is to live with me.’ It’s certainly a weird question to ask on a first date,” he said.

The sixth season of “24” premieres Jan. 14 on Fox.

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