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Real-life Terror Threat Could Boost ‘World Trade Center’ Sales

Posted on August 11, 2006 by

Studio executives are pondering what effect yesterday’s terror arrests in London will have on the newest Oliver Stone film “World Trade Center,” which was released on Wednesday.

Paramount Pictures, which distributed the film, considered cutting back on its advertising of the film, but ultimately decided not to as they are still not sure how the public will react to the film, the Associated Press reports.

“The events of yesterday and today make this story even more poignant. But I don’t know whether it helps or hurts,” Don Harris, Paramount distribution executive, said.

“World Trade Centre” has already surpassed the studio’s expectations – it took in over $4 million on its opening day. Some box office experts say the terror arrests could boost the film’s popularity.

“‘World Trade Center’ was never designed to be escapist entertainment anyway, so I’m not sure people will shy away from it, given these real-life events. How much more relevant could this movie be right now?” Paul Dergarabedian from box-office tracker Exhibitor Relations said.

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