Perform with Feist, Wear Broken Social Scene Member’s Undies

Posted on August 2, 2006 by

Tyler Clark Burke, the founder of Three Gut Records, can’t quite afford a house. But that might change now that she’s pulled in a few favours.

Burke has set up The Few Bricks Short a House Project – essentially, a fundraising auction to help her put a down payment on a house. And she’s enlisted the help of friends like Leslie Feist, k-os, Peaches, and Broken Social Scene to meet her goal.

The auctions, put on through eBay, began on Tuesday. Items and services up for grabs include the chance to perform a song with Feist and her band (either a track written by the auction winner or one of their choice), boxers worn and washed by Broken Social Scene drummer Justin Peroff, and a ghost exorcism performed by former MuchMusic personality Sook-Yin Lee.

Peaches had contributed a worn, unwashed thong, but eBay pulled the item from their site.

Other musicians lending a hand include Andre Ethier, Chilly Gonzalez, Sadies drummer Michael Belitsky, and Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras.

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