BooksForSchool.ca Saves Canadian Students Over $10,000

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Free Online Service Helps Ease Post-Secondary Expenses

January 9, 2006 – Toronto, Ont.- BooksForSchool.ca, a free online resource for Canadian post-secondary school students to buy, sell and trade their post-secondary textbooks, announced today that collectively, members of the online book swap web site have saved over $10,000. BooksForSchool.ca helps reduce the costs of post-secondary textbooks by creating an online community of buyers and sellers for post-secondary textbooks.

An online textbook exchange service is a web site that facilities the direct exchange of post-secondary textbooks between students. Members may buy, sell or exchange their new & used textbooks without surcharges.

“I have been a member of BooksForSchool.ca since last September.?, says Max Zubrick, ?Since then I have sold 3 textbooks, providing me with a return well above what the Ryerson book store was willing to give me to buy my books back. I also bought 2 textbooks that I needed for my courses. On one of them, booksforschool.ca saved me over 50% off the book store price!.”

BooksForSchool.ca matches students with others across Canada who have the textbooks they need. Website tools automatically inform students by email when a required textbook becomes available. BooksForSchool.ca is completely free to buy, sell or trade textbooks so students can retain much more of their initial investment when selling their textbooks online.

?When we created BooksForSchool.ca we wanted to build a place where textbooks could be bought and sold by students for less than the cost at University book stores? says co-founder Paul Levine, ?Collectively the founders of BooksForSchool.ca have saved almost $700. This is a small fraction of the total savings realized by other students all across Canada.?

Founded in 2003, BooksForSchool.ca pioneered the country wide online textbook exchange service in Canada. In 2005, BooksForSchool.ca combined textbook swapping with social networking, enabling students to decrease their expenses and make it easier to buy and sell new and used textbooks. Today, BooksForSchool.ca has grown into Canada?s largest online textbook exchange service for post secondary students.

BooksForSchool.ca is a completely free service for university and college
students. The BooksForSchool.ca web site can be accessed by visiting:

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