Canadian Idol: St. Thomas’s Aaron Walpole Finishes Third

Posted on September 8, 2005 by

There was silence this Wednesday night on Canadian Idol. The competitors fidgeted nervously and the audience held their breath as Ben opened the results of this week’s votes. Aaron Walpole was eliminated. Aaron was a favourite in the competition not only because of his powerful voice, but also because of his lovable personality. He is an actor and always brought commendable theatrics to his performances.

The night began with the usual Idol medley. Next, special guests Jacob Hoggard and his band Hedley performed the single “On My Own” from their debut self titled album. Jacob was full of energy and even got the judges smiling. Jacob kissed Ben and it was on to the results.

When the judges were asked about the remaining contestants, Zack told Aaron, “Dude you can sing. The work you did on this show was unbelievable.” Aaron thanked his fans before his video rolled. He sounded confident, saying, “I know this is just the beginning so watch out for my CDs.” Aaron’s fabulous voice filled the theatre one last time and the audience erupted in cheers. Aaron will be missed by millions of Canadians around the country.

Melissa and Rex continue the journey in next week’s performance show and the season finale. They will each sing the single that the winner will record, a song of their choice and a judge’s pick. Special guests will include last season’s Idol Kalan Porter, runner-up Theresa Sokyrka, and the Barenaked Ladies. Tune in to see the final two compete for this year’s title!

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