Raptors Pick Opts to Play In Spain

Posted on July 24, 2005 by

The Toronto Raptors? 41st overall pick in this year?s draft, Roko Ukic, has signed a deal with Tau Ceramica, according to reports on a Croatian basketball website.

Tau Ceramica, an incredibly wealthy team in the Spanish League, is a name that might sound familiar to you? and here?s why. The Raptors have also been involved in talks with its current start point guard, Jose Calderon.

According to various European sources, Calderon has been heavily pursued by the Raptors, among others, and his impending departure is the reason why they went after Ukic in the first place.

Ukic?s decision to bam-Boozer (referring, of course, to Carlos Boozer?s dealings with the Cleveland Cavaliers last year) the Raptors is a blow to basketball fans across the country. They had been sold on Ukic by commercials on Raptors? NBA TV and lavished praise of his flashy, up-tempo game.

The degree of irony involved (the Raptors interest in Calderon forcing Tau to pursue Ukic) adds a considerable amount of egg onto this franchise?s omelet of a face.

Even more frustrating would be if Tau Ceramica managed to re-sign Calderon as well. That would leave the Raptors with no back-up point guards and a considerably embarrassing situation.

It seems General Manager Rob Babcock not only has problems keeping pace with NBA GM?s? but European ones as well.

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