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Angelina Jolie Adopts Second Child

Posted on July 6, 2005 by

Angelina Jolie has a new addition to the family, and no, it’s not Brad Pitt.

The actress has adopted her second child, an orphaned Ethiopian baby girl named Zahara Marley Jolie.

Last week, accompanied by Pitt and her 3-year-old son Maddox, she visited the Horn of Africa nation to file her adoption request, which was accepted last week.

The child is less than a year old, Hadosh Halefom, head of the country’s state-run adoption agency, said.

Jolie had to and did meet 10 requirements, he said.

Jolie told People Magazine that she and Maddox are “very happy to have a new addition to our family.”

Jolie had been discussing adopting a second child for some time.

“My son is in love with Africa, so he has been asking for an African brother or sister.”

She adopted Maddox in Cambodia in 2002.

Jolie has been linked to Pitt in recent months, since he divorced from Jennifer Aniston.

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