Pop Diva To Star In A&E Biography Special

Posted on May 2, 2005 by

Canada’s world famous pop star diva Celine Dion will be the centre of an A & E biography episode scheduled to air this Friday on the U.S. specialty channel.

The diva?s life will be the focus of a two-hour special expected to include interviews from other major entertainment icons associated with Dion such as her husband/manager Rene Angilil, Tom Jones, music producer David Foster, Beatles producer George Martin, as well as the pop star diva herself.

“Celine is a remarkable talent with a fascinating story to tell. We are pleased to offer a glimpse into her rich Canadian roots and evolving career,” said Shelly Blaine Goodman, vice-president of A&E Canada.

The biography will divulge the many facets of Dion?s life in greater detail such as her upbringing in rural Quebec with 13 older siblings, and then portraying in more detail her immensely triumphant story of resilience leading to her extravagant career permitting her to eventually become the diamond in the rough of the Vegas strip as Caesar Palace?s day show icon, and an extension of Canada?s glow down South.

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