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Michael Moore Wants Best Picture Oscar

Posted on September 7, 2004 by

If Michael Moore has his way, he won’t be walking up onstage at this year’s Oscars to accept Best Documentary. The controversial director wants Fahrenheit 9/11 to win Best Picture.

Moore said that he would not be submitting the film in the documentary categories, instead focusing on winning the top prize.

He also wants to give others a chance.

“This just seems like the right thing to do,” he told the AP. “I don?t want to take away from the other nominees and the attention that they richly deserve.”

The movie, which criticizes the political moves of George Bush, has made over $100 million since its release earlier this year.

Moore has said that he would rather the film influence the Presidential race — and see Bush lose — than win an Oscar. Moore also wants the film to be aired on television before the November 2 election, but that is doubtful since the DVD is due out at the beginning of October.

Interestingly enough, if the movie airs on television before the Oscars, it would not be eligible for a documentary Oscar, but still could win Best Picture.

He says that Harvey Weinstein, the Miramax boss, agrees with Moore that they stand a better chance at winning Best Oscar if they are not in the documentary category.

Best bet for Best Doc if Moore is out? Super Size Me.

Meanwhile, Moore was in the news for getting booed at the Republican Convention last week. He was covering the festivities for a U.S. newspaper, and John McCain made reference to him in his speech. The crowd booed as Moore smiled from the press box.

As Jon Stewart said, it just gave him more attention, which he craves.

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