Blockbuster Moves Online, Offers DVD Rental Service

Posted on August 15, 2004 by

Last week, Blockbuster Inc. launched its nationwide DVD rental service, after increased competition from companies such as Netflix Inc., who were taking away from the traditional brick and mortar movie rental business.

Blockbuster will offer a subscription service where customers can keep up to three movies at a time for only US$19.99 a month, slightly cheaper than Netflix’s subscription cost. In addition, Blockbuster will offer two more price points, US$29.99 and US$39.99, where customers can keep up to 5 and 8 DVDs per month, respectively.

Finally, Blockbuster has said it will cover shipping costs if customers use specially crafted envelopes to end the movies back in.

25,000 titles will be available online, more than any current Blockbuster store offers.

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