New Found Glory Answer Your Questions: Part 2

Posted on April 28, 2004 by

And now, we present Part 2 of New Found Glory answering andPOP Visitor emails.

1. How does NFG write harmonies? How do you decide which two different notes the singers will sing, and how the vocals all relate to each other in a song?

Ian: Usually after the main vocal is recorded, Jordan will try different harmonies. Sometimes he already has an idea before it’s recorded. Him and Steve usually work
together on them.

2. What new artists are you currently listening to?

Ian: Just to name a few… Death Becomes You, Eisley, Suffocate Faster, Breakdance Vietnam.

3. If you were a bar of soap, whose shower would you be in?

Ian: I’d rather be a loofah or a toilet seat; you would get more action. But I guess I would choose my wife. If not her, maybe Britney Spears so I can get a better look and see if her boobs are fake.

4. When you’re not on the Warped Tour, and you’re on another tour, do you miss all the bands that you play with on the Warped Tour? Who are some of your closest friends from the tour?

Ian: Different bands are on the tour every year so its hard to say, but I always miss the guys in Less Than Jake. They are an amazing band to be around.

5. Was the goal of this album to get you guys mainstream like Blink and Good Charlotte?
-Kat L.

Ian: No
And on that note, pick up “Catalyst” on May 18.

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