Chingy to Tour With Christina Aguilera?

Posted on February 23, 2004 by

Looks like Janet Jackson and Jermaine Durpi aren’t the most unlikely couple. This time it’s Christina Aguilera and Chingy. Granted, they are not dating, but the two might head out on a tour together.

MTV reports that Chingy is close to signing a deal that would see the young rapper open for Aguilera beginning in April.

“They reached out to us, they want Chingy,” one of Chingy’s managers, Jeff Dixon, told MTV. “That’s how it’s going to go down. We just try to keep the balance.”

Chingy is currently on the Disturbing Tha Peace Tour with Ludacris. After the Aguilera tour, if it ends up happening, he will go on the Rock the Mic tour with 50 Cent.

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