Michael Jackson Speaks Out About Sony

Posted on June 15, 2002 by

Michael Jackson believes he is about to become a free agent. The King of Pop was at a fan party Saturday in London, England, and took some verbal shots at Tommy Mattola, CEO of Sony Music.

“Tommy is the devil,” he unexpectedly said. Jackson added that he was contractually obligated to release one more record with Sony, which will be a box-set full of old material, and 2 new songs.

“I’m a free agent now,” he said. “But I walk away with 50% of Sony Publishing. They’re very angry with me.”

Although it was only recently that news agencies picked up on the story that Sony and Michael Jackson were feuding, his fans, including the 2200 who packed “The Equinox,” knew about it for months. Jackson alleges Sony of not properly marketing his latest studio album, “Invincible,” which was released last year.

Earlier in the day, Jackson made an appearance outside the Sony offices, where hundreds of fans lined the streets chanting, “Sony sucks.” Jackson, standing on top of a sightseeing bus, put his thumbs up to show his support, and then actually joined in on the chants.

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